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何よりもケガも病気もなく健康な姿で帰ってくれたことに安心いたしました。 その後、成田エクスプレス、新幹線を乗り継ぎ無事にご家族の待つ宮城県気仙沼の自宅に無事に戻りました。

今回、オレゴン留学開催に際し心配されたかと思いますが留学をご快諾いただいた保護者の皆様、生徒募集をかけてくださいました気仙沼向洋高等学校の校長先生ならびに先生方、そしてプロジェクト遂行のためにご尽力いただきました全ての企業、団体、個人の皆様に心より御礼申し上げます。 ありがとうございました!




'It has been a wonderful journey and unforgettable experience spending time with these kids from Kesennuma in Albany', Runway for Hope founder Dr. Sena Vafa blissfully says. The kids returned to their town safely hoping they could take this memory and learning journey by building their future and being voice in their community.

Runway for Hope is very grateful ELCI the language institute in Albany, Oregon for their extensive support by organizing all the home-stay amazing families and learning/fun program for the Kesennuma children. Special thanks to Mr and Mrs Sudlow the head of ELCI, Mrs Kat Lucas the English instructor at ELCI and Mrs Hazuki Tanaka along with Ms Chika Kotajima who have planned and worked on all the preparation from the early stages to make this unforgettable journey come true. Runway for Hope is so blessed to have such amazing friends and colleague who have put so much effort to build a better future for these children who went through so much pain and trauma. They have shown their caring and professionalism to help these children to learn more about our beautiful world.

We are truly thanks to all our individual donors and wonderful 2015 sponsors. Without their guidance and generosity this whole project would not come true.

We look forward to another fruitful and great project runway in the following year.

For more on this trip to Albany and Project Runway 2016/7 please go to our Facebook page (

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