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悲しくも平和が一部の人が抱く不合理な思想により壊されてしまいました。 平和と結束によりウクライナの現地にいる市民の方々、そして友達や家族のことを想い不安な日々を過ごしている方々が一刻も安心できる状況になるようRunway for Hope一同祈り心を寄せております。

Runway for Hope 創立者 Omid Sena Vafa

“I, myself, a son of a diplomat stationed in #Afghanistan, had experienced the horrors of a Soviet Union invasion and MiG bombardment of Afghanistan’s capital - Kabul in 1979. I was only 10 years old at that time, and those vivid memories of my past still come back to haunt me from time to time. I can only imagine the pain and suffering those in the Ukrainian are feeling.” Our thoughts at Runway for Hope and message of support for peace and solidarity go to brothers and sisters in #Ukraine and those who are away watching anxiously their families and friends in the middle of an invasion, a #peace that has been broken only by a few arrogant justifying absurd thoughts.

Founder, Runway for Hope

Omid Sena Vafa


Runway for Hopeでは支援活動を継続するため寄付を募っております。




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